Nov 22, 2021 - Jun 2, 2022

For the first time ever, an exhibition of the two superstars of communication, documenting the innovative and revolutionary path of two great artists who have changed the way of experiencing art in the last 50 years: Banksy and Warhol.

A confrontation between two artists and two apparently distant personalities: the fabulous world of Andy Warhol, famous and omnipresent, the most photographed artist in the world, against the anonymous Banksy who has never posed for a photo and risks arrest from Disneyland to Palestine. These two brilliant figures, capable of creating a powerful cocktail of celebrity, satire and voyeurism, have managed to turn their art into an extraordinary event!

A portion of all DOORTOKEN™ sales from this collection are
donated back to PALAZZO DELLA CULTURA to foster cultural & artistic
opportunities for all.